Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysts believe that all people are OK, that every person is equally important and that each of us has a desire for positive growth. As we all have capacity to think (with exceptions of those with severe brain-damage), we all decide about what we want for our lives. Mutual contracting for a client's change in TA practice recognises one's validity, capability to and responsibility for change of one's destiny.

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a form of psychotherapy that aims at personal development through analysis and change of our patterns of interactions which disturb reaching life satisfaction. Any type of human relating, verbal or not is called a transaction in this theory. The TA assumption is that people communicate with each other from three ego states: Parent, Adult and Child.

All of our relational patterns derive from the decisions we made in childhood which, even though were the safest at the time, don't serve their purpose in adulthood anymore. On the contrary, they often limit us from fulfilling our potential. These decisions grow into the way we see and function in the world. Transactional Analysts call it the life script, an unconscious life plan expressed in the way we live our lives. Becoming aware of it and making conscious changes about it in context of whatever problem you may be experiencing is a goal of Transactional Analysis psychotherapy (EATA).

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Magdalena Gamrat
(CTA) Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist
Dip. (TA Counselling) Counsellor
MSc (Psychology)
BSc (Applied Social Sciences)

T: 07704 796 462

Magda Gamrat Counselling and Pyschotherapy