Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy focus on overcoming personal difficulties and working towards positive change. Distinction about the two of them is focused around the length of time of therapy and depth of your issues.

Counselling is usually focused on helping you in understanding your emotional and intellectual experience in order to use it effectively in problem solving; it tends to be a shorter term process. Psychotherapy is most often a deeper and longer process, focused on exploration of your early experiences and helping you to become more aware of how they affect your current situation.

Therapy is a reflective process of expanding your self-awareness, which helps you to grow and develop during a course of regular meetings. It provides you:

  • - A Safe and confidential space for exploring difficult issues
  • - A time to reflect and understand your patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving and changing   the unhelpful ones
  • - A chance to develop healthy ways of relating to others

As therapy is focused on examining your life, finding resolution to your problems might be really difficult sometimes and you may experience emotional pain. It is a liberating process which requires time, courage and determination. This is why it is important for us to build a therapeutic relationship, which will help you in addressing your issues safely and at the pace that suits you. It is a specific kind of relationship where you will have my full attention, respect and skilled professional insight. The character of our relationship is bound by a contract and ethical principles.

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Magdalena Gamrat
(CTA) Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist
Dip. (TA Counselling) Counsellor
MSc (Psychology)
BSc (Applied Social Sciences)

T: 07704 796 462

Magda Gamrat Counselling and Pyschotherapy